Resume Only

Beautiful, well-articulated resumes are not one-size-fits-all and neither is the process of creating them. I have provided a general overview of what this process looks like from start to finish, but ultimately it will be customized to meet your particular needs.

The Beginning

Submit existing Resume(s)

All I need to get started is an existing resume. If there is a specific position or positions that you are applying to, it is helpful to submit the job description(s), but it is not necessary to begin the process.

*If you do not have an existing resume, you will have to contact me for a consultation.

Consultation (Optional)

Would you like to have a phone conversation? Let’s do it! Want me to just get to work and send you a first draft? That is fine, too…

Let’s Go!


By this point, the initial analysis is complete and it is time to start crafting your resume! To begin work, I ask for a deposit of $100.

Round one- Discovery

During the first round of creating your resume, I evaluate any and all information that you have given me and whatever we have discussed. I determine the scope of the project and if there is any additional information needed. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Clarification of dates, locations, and job titles.

  • Collecting additional information pertaining to jobs, education, certifications, awards, and anything else that comes up.

Round One is strictly informational.

This stage is all about amassing information. It requires the most interaction on your part. Once all of the information is collected, I will send you a plain text file with what we have come up with so far.


By this point, we have worked together to gather all of the information needed and you have received your plain text file containing everything. To begin Round 2- Format and Design, I ask that you submit the remaining balance.

round 2- format and design

I have all of the information that is needed and it is time to get to the fun part of creating a beautiful layout!

I do not limit the amount of revisions and will work until you are happy with the product.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Once the process of formatting and designing your resume has begun, it is extremely difficult to add new information or sections without changing the entire design. It is essential that we work together in Round One to make sure that we have everything. Adding new information and/or sections during Round 2 will require a new price quote. With that said, I will revise the resume until you are satisfied. If you would like clarification on the difference between unlimited revisions vs. adding new content, please let me know and we can discuss it.

Round 3- Wrapping Up

If we are in Round 3, that means you are happy with the design and it is time for me to send you your final product(s) in whichever formats we have agreed upon. These have included: Plain Text, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Google Draw, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. Do you have any new challenges for me?


I try to keep pricing as simple as possible. Most resumes will fall between $200 - $300 depending on complexity and I really try to keep it lower than higher.

Sample Pricing

You submitted an existing resume:

  • Simple: $200($100 Deposit + Balance)

    • Example: You want your existing resume revamped with basic sections such as Summary, Professional, Education, and Skills.

  • Moderate: $250($100 Deposit + Balance)

    • Example: Simple + Awards, Certifications, and/or other sections and details.

  • Complex: $300+($150 Deposit + Balance)

    • Example: You are multi-faceted. You work in more than industry and you need a resume or resumes that reflect that you are “Thing 1 / Thing 2”.

  • Super-Complex: I don’t know. I have never crossed this bridge. We’ll find out together…

You do not have an existing resume:

  • Approximately $300 - $500 determined based on a required consultation.

There is never surprise pricing. The final price will be agreed upon before beginning the project and there will only ever be increases if you change the scope of the project when it has already begun.


The average time from beginning to end is 3 - 7 days. I very much prefer to complete projects efficiently.

I have completed full projects from Consultation to Delivery in the same day. There is a such thing as a resume emergency. In the event that I can accept a “Drop Everything” project, it will require a special quote.

On the flipside, I would be open to the possibility of offering a discount for projects that can take more than two weeks to complete in the event that I state I could not possibly complete it in less time. So if you are casually looking for a new resume, but do not need it for the next 2, 4, 6 weeks, feel free to inquire.